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A conflict between the old town in the wild west you grew up in and a sinister vampire coven takes you to where you are now: bloody and lying at the floor of a cave. 

Play as Spur as they make their way back to the overworld and figure out what exactly happened to them when they went down there, guns blazing. 


  • Dialogue Choices
  • Environment Interaction
  • Light Combat
  • Multiple Endings (and one secret!)


Alistair Sumstad — Level Design, Character & Background Art, Dialogue, Event Scripting, Voice Actor
Elián Sweeten — Narrative & System Design, Music, Sound Effects, Audio Scripting
Kat Byers — UI Art, Audio Scripting
Weston Wright — Dialogue, Character Movement/Dialogue/Systems Scripting


GrapesBuild.zip 57 MB

Install instructions

Download and Unzip the file "GrapesBuild", then run like any other Unity game.

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