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"The game was really fun and I love monsters, glad I could marry or adopt all of them!"

                                             —June B.

   Goldmines, PI is a point-and-click detective game that combines horror and old noir films. You play as the titular character Goldmines and are given three separate cases for the missing persons Kadence Moore, Cardamon Soif, and Moira Burke.

   As you investigate the causes of these disappearances, you find you are in over your head, fighting a powerful force you never could have hoped to defeat.

Will you be able to survive?


  • Inventory
  • Decision-Making
  • Narrative Storyline
  • Adorable Monsters


Alistair Sumstad — Art, Voice Acting, Level Design

Elián Sweeten — Music, Scripting, Sound Effects, Level Design, Narrative Design

Zoe Orgish — Scripting, UI Art, Level Design, Narrative Design


Goldmines Alpha WIN.zip 60 MB

Install instructions

A Unity game like any other--download, unzip, and run the executable :)

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